Top 5 Budget Android Phones in the Philippines

24 Dec

Top 5 Budget Android Phones in the Philippines

For most people, being affordable is one of the most important factors in considering a gadget/smartphone. This, together with its features, are combined to form a concrete decision on which one will they take. So we took some time to make a shortlist of the best android phones offered out there in the Philippines to help you guys in your purchases.

5. Starmobile Astra

Even though Starmobile is a new player in the mobile industry, it didn’t stopped them from giving out this a crack at the local smartphone scene. Starmobile Astra carries respectable specs such as a dual-core processor, 512MB of RAM, and runs Android 4.0 ICS. Not bad, but the downer is the small 1500mAh battery. It sells for Php6,990.

4. MyPhone A898 Duo


Before the touchdown of its bigger brother, MyPhone A898 Duo has been the talk of the town because of its stellar performance and quality camera. It also rocks the HD games that you might want in the 4.3-inch IPS screen display that it sports. For those who don’t want a huge android phone, then the MyPhone A898 Duo can be a smart choice as it is available for only Php6,490.

3. MyPhone A919 Duo


Although MyPhone was a little late to enter the 5-inch android phone game, it dropped the bomb with the MyPhone A919 Duo. It rocks almost the same set of specifications as the Cherry Mobile Titan W500 but it has a better 8MP camera and IPS display which knocks the Titan’s 5MP and MVA panel down. The said upgrade cost a thousand and a half more as it is priced at Php7,999.

2. Cherry Mobile Titan W500


For consumers who has big hands or who needs bigger screens, the Cherry Mobile Titan has been their go to guy. It’s priced for only Php6,499 so the moment it arrived in the market, the techies were all over it to check out what it has to offer. You can read the full review here. Still, after 2 months of being released, it’s just sad to see that Cherry Mobile is still having a hard time in catering the demand for the Cherry Mobile Titan.

1. Cherry Mobile Flare


There’s no doubt that the Cherry Mobile Flare takes the number 1 spot on this year’s list of affordable android phones in the Philippine marketplace. With its ultra-cheap Php3,999 price tag, you can’t go wrong. There’s the 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor together with the 512MB RAM. It runs ICS fairly fast and plays HD games without a problem. It’s no surprising why this thing got many positive reviews here and there. The time the Cherry Mobile Flare was released, people just gone wild just to find one. Up to this date, it is still the most loved local android phone.


2 Responses to “Top 5 Budget Android Phones in the Philippines”

  1. ponsel terbaru March 5, 2013 at 4:54 PM #

    i am like Starmobile Astra, very usefull for me.. nice post.. 😀


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