Super Mario Bros, Street Fighter, and Sonic now runs on OUYA android console via N64

6 Jan


If you think that the development for the OUYA android-based gaming console was too slow, think again. Just after a week upon the release of the photos and unboxing videos of the said device, we now have a set of games that run on the console. Are you excited on how well do this games perform? Check it out below.

These games run through the help of the N64 emulator for android and guess what, the ever-lovable Super Mario Bros game is our first stop.

Next is the Street Fighter 2 turbo. As the name implies, it is the game where you can see Ryu, Ken, and other characters fight and overcome each other through their spectacular moves and skills.

Lastly, the cute hedgehog, Sonic, is also on board now. The gameplay of this one is great and I really enjoyed it during my younger years when I just spent my whole day playing videos games in Playstation 2, Sega, and computers. Now, we have a new player in the name of OUYA that aims to push android through our gaming hubs.

It’s been a quick turnaround for OUYA and this android developments just proves that it has a very huge potential of being a hit. After all, gaming is better when your screen is bigger, right?

If you want more OUYA video samples, just head over this link to view 5 more videos.


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