Top 3 Finance Mobile Apps for Managing Money

4 Dec

Top 3 Finance Mobile Apps for Managing Money

I guess it’s safe to say that our lives are managed or rather are dependant on apps these days. There seems to be an app for every little activity under the sun. In case you haven’t come across an app for one of those rare activities then I’d bet someone is working day and night to have it released any time soon.

Understandably, financial management is a staple product among the non basics needs; with a myriad of apps to choose from. There are so many great and exciting apps out there that it was not easy settling on these three in the collection. Firstly, users are spoiled for choice and the three financial apps discussed below have distinct and financially relevant features.


This financial app has been designed to keep track of how you are spending your money especially for tax purposes. If you are fond of travelling for business or you need to keep a tight grip on your expenses then this app is just right for you. If you need to capture your receipts, mileage or even prepare an expense report then this is the right app for you.

The features enabled on this app allow users to scan receipts and track mileage. You can even link your debit card or credit card to ensure you do not over spend. The app has been designed with an easy to use interface coupled with extra tools for setting flight alerts or exporting data to other apps. In addition, the currency is automatically converted by the app. You can access it for free on iOS, Windows and Android.

Mint personal finance

This app has been downloaded more than a million times and it’s with good reason. This is a financial management app that is amazingly simple to use coupled with practical features. Can you imagine viewing all your financial account balances at a go in real-time? The apps alerts you when you are about to go beyond your spending limits giving you an opportunity to mange your expenses. There is no limit on how many accounts you can add on this app including loans accounts and retirement accounts. You can view your account in either chart form or graph form.

With this app you can be sure that your accounts are secure plus the set up is quite easy. The apps give you easy access to your transactions through the website. Mint personal finance is also free and it is compatible with iOS, Windows and Android.


It’s necessary to include the Bloomberg app even if it’s more of an information app rather than a financial management app. Bloomberg have packaged their trusted news gathering mechanisms into a personalized app. With this app, the users has access to a collection of financial and business related news as it’s relayed in real-time.

You can access more than 35 categories of news as it breaks. In addition you can keep track of your investment portfolio with the touch of a screen. You have the power to personalize financial news by category such as popularity or region. You can access market data across currencies, equity indices, commodities, futures and bonds.

Just like the other apps, Bloomberg official app is free and it’s compatible with iOS, Blackberry, Windows and Android.


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