Facebook Trending Topics now available on mobile

28 Dec


In January 2014, Trending Topics was initially introduced on the Facebook desktop website. At that time, they revealed their use of NLP for parsing social network strings for the purpose of determining related posts and pinpointing those that were taking off.

With a promise that iOS support is coming soon, as is Trending topics for other countries, they have now rolled out the U.S. version offacebook trending topics mobilefor Android. According to Facebook, their new additions are aimed at making it simpler for users that are on-the-go to read content from a variety of sources.

Clicking on a trending topic, whether on the Web or on Facebook trending topics mobile, will now bring up a look that has been expanded. In addition, conversations will be organized in as many as five diverse sections starting with “Articles” and “In the Story”. Once there, users can see posts from individuals who are involved in a specific story, as well as the news organizations providing story coverage.

“Friends and Groups” on Facebook trending topics mobile allows users to see what other users in their network are saying. Another feature called “Near the Scene” lets users see other Facebook users’ posts if they happen to be close to the area of the story. “Live Feed” contains real-time worldwide streaming responses from other FB users.

Basically, these newly introduced sections on Facebook trending topics mobileare pre-defined filters and not all FB content will be found in them. Their main Trending feed that handles posts that are relevant will still be found by the algorithm that chooses content based upon timeliness and engagement, as well as some other factors.


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