The New Fuss: Starmobile Play Click

30 Aug

Starmobile Play Click is the latest product of the partnership of Smart and Starmobile – a fully featured smartphone that costs as much as a dumb phone.

The phone is very basic inside and out. Additionally, you will find the former logo of Smart Communications on top, should you decide to receive it via Smart. Of course you do, it’s Php1,400 off than the regular price.

Starmobile Play Click will not pretend to compete against the very best dogs on the market today. Instead, it’s aimed for people to discover new digital services provided by Smart and for them to experience a smartphone.


What I like most is its big battery, because it also ensures prolonged use throughout the day. It also supports a microSD card which could be used as an additional storage to the 4GB built-in.

With that, you should gear yourself with all the phone. There may also be feature phones. This might sound a small bias but I’d definitely advise this phone. Just enjoy the super cheap smartphone, the Starmobile Click isn’t the quickest phone in the whole world.

That means you’re going to be dependent on wifi. Putting a microSD card within the phone is crucial, particularly if you need to run any sort of app with it. With only 4GB of internal storage, it’ll run out quickly.


The weight is, in addition, is evenly distributed. The camera is an additional strength of the handset, having the ability to take excellent pictures generally in most conditions. But of course, the quality is not that good given that it’s a cheap phone.

Additionally, it has the MediaTek MTK6582 chipset that’s the fastest in this budget.


Yes, it’s not usual Snapdragon and Exynos chipsets. However, this MediaTek processor is still up to the task. This is a great bargain for all those searching for a budget phone.

The overall design is nice, performance is great, the display is large enough to act as a daily phone. The display is also excellent and surprisingly big for its price.

Affordable smartphone is constantly a great news for everybody. If you’re a kid or somebody with a phone from Jurassic age, Starmobile Play Click is a good starting point. It’s not perfect, but good enough for its really cheap price. If you want to know more about the Starmobile Play Click, check out this review.

Starmobile Play Click can be bought on Smart Online Store and Starmobile stores around the country.


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