Fender’s Tone: Guitarist’s Stomp Boxes and Effects Pedals in One App

20 May

Ever hated it that when you are in a band and a fellow guitarist had to take ages readjusting his tools in multiple iterations, he unintentionally stalls the band’s supposed harmonious jam?

Whether you are that same guitarist yourself or a band member meticulous enough with his instrument, I’m sure no one is happy having to go through, more or less, an hour just to have his gears in full working order.


Addressing in what appears to be all guitarist’s common problems, Fender, that popular company who makes high-quality musical instruments, has developed an app that will literally take away the preparation time for every guitarist before going in on a jam—the mobile application so-called “Tone.”

By emulating the powers of both stomp boxes and effects pedals, Tone is genuinely trying to eliminate unnecessary lengthy preparations resulting from doing manual setups every time, common in any band.

Essentially a fuse between stomp boxes and pedals, this app can manage and calibrate literally every guitar effects there is to imagine. Be it a distortion, flange, sustain, tape delay—you name it—this app is truly a great piece of work for any musician who is sick of having to spend precious time getting in right sync with his instruments every single time, much to the understandable annoyance of every other band members.

As a smartphone application, Tone under-the-hood algorithm helps guitarist get freedom with its use by allowing them to make preset configurations based on their usual preferences and which can be immediately used when made in sync with Fender’s own-developed sound amplifier, the Mustang GT.


Available to both iOS and Android devices, this revolutionary app also comes pre-installed with thousands of pre-set configurations which any experienced musician can use to mix and match or even draw inspirations from.

One good thing about this application, is that it does not require any physical connection to actually be in sync with the aforementioned amplifier device. With Bluetooth enabled or with a good working Wi-Fi connection in the area, any smartphone device capable of running Tone can easily be in sync with Mustang GT for that ultimate music experience.

Whether you intend to use the app exclusively for the band and yourself or for sharing with the community, Tone has the option to just keep its preset configurations offline or be shared to the community by sending it over to the cloud.

Source – Fender

Via – MacWorld


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